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Hound Cooler


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Protect your dog from summer’s heat with the Hound Cooler dog cooling system.

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The Hound Cooler is a battery-powered system that pumps cold water from its cooler through insulated tubing in a comfortable cushioned pad. The cold water going through the tubing provides a very effective dog cooling surface. Just fill the Hound Cooler with 80% ice and 20% water to cool your dog down after walking, running, hunting or any other exercise during the hot summer months.


  • Comes with a conversion kit to easily adapt to any other cooler in minutes
  • Powered by (4) “D” cell batteries 6-volt (not included) for 75+ hours
  • Very comfortable 11″ x 22″ cushioned pad
  • Only “active” cooling system made
  • Chew proof tubing cover
  • Insulation around internal tubing prevents condensation/”sweat”
  • Easily cleaned, wipes up clean
  • Patent pending

  • Manufacturer

    Akoma Dog Products

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