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Auto Close Gateway Pressure Mounted White 29″ – 37″ x 29.5″


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As a pressure mount gate, The Auto Close Gateway provides maximum pet security in doorways and hallways when drilling into woodwork or drywall is not desirable or practical.

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It utilizes Magnet-Lock Technology to automatically draw the door closed and guarantee it locks each and every time. It also has a Hold feature for those times where the door needs to stay open until it is pushed closed. Optional extensions are available for wider openings to 47 ?”.


  • No damage to walls or doorways
  • Magnet-Lock Technology automatically closes gate
  • Hold feature-keeps door open until it is pushed closed
  • Installs quickly; no tools needed
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Includes two extensions
  • Gate Width: 29” – 47.5”
  • Gate Height: 30.5”
  • Bar Spacing: 2.375″
  • Mounting options: pressure mount
  • Available in black and white.
  • Optional extensions (Model G4100) are available for openings up to 47.5”

    Note: KidCo does not recommend pressure mount gates for top of stairs use, even with hardware mounted wall cups. There is a bar at the bottom of all pressure mount gates that helps keep the gate in place and this bar can be a tripping hazard when placed at the top of stairs.

    Size of Opening and Extensions Needed:

  • 31.5″ – 37″ – included with gate
  • 37″ – 42.5″ – 1-G4100
  • 42.5″ – 47.5″ – 2-G4100
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