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Quiet Time Reversible Fleece Paw Print Mat Burgundy / White 40″ x 27″


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The Reversible Paw Print are made with Ultra-soft Synthetic Fur on one side and on the other a Ultra-Plush Synthetis Sheep Skin.

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The mats are made with the only the best quality materials and built to last. With every bed the question is how to keep it clean? We have the answer! These beds are machine wash and machine dry which takes the clean to a whole new level. These beds are great for use in carriers, vehicles, crates and more.


  • Machine Washable and Machine Dry
  • Ideal For Pets…Young to Old
  • Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter
  • Blue and Burgundy Paw Print Fabrics and Comfortable Ultra Fleece
  • Designed to fit (7)seven standard crate sizes


  • 40218: fits I-1518, CC1718DD, and 1718DT
  • 40222: fits I-1522DD, LS-1622 and LS-1622DD,
  • 40224: fits I-1524, I-1524DD, LS-1624, LS-1624DD, CC1724DD, 724UP, 1924, 1724DT and 1324TD
  • 40230: fits I-1530, I-1530DD, LS-1630, LS-1630DD, CC1730DD, 730UP, 1930, 1730DT and 1330TD
  • 40236: fits I-1536, I-1536DD, LS-1636, LS-1636DD, CC1736DD, 736UP, 1936, 1736DT and 1336TD
  • 40242: fits I-1542, I-1542DD, LS-1642, LS-1642DD, CC1742DD, 742UP, 1942, 1742DT and 1342TD
  • 40248: fits I-1548, I-1548DD, LS-1648, LS-1648DD, CC1748DD, 748UP, 1948 and 1348TD
  • 40254: fits 1154U
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